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UK’s Best Loyalty Scheme?

New Printer consumables website rewards buyers with iPhones and iPads


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A Berkshire based entrepreneur has just launched his latest venture – – which as the name suggests sells printer consumables and has an interesting loyalty scheme.

“Toner is about as interesting as loo roll” says Iain Gunn “every office needs it, but it’s not very exciting.  I wanted to attract and keep customers by offering the best loyalty scheme in the business – so I invented ‘TonerGuy Trophy Points’”

3 Year No Quibble Warranty on TonerGuy TonerPurchasers of TonerGuy products made through the website are awarded “Trophy Points” – 1 for every £8 spent – and 1 point roughly equals £1.  (Compare this with Nectar points: 2 for £1 spend and 500 are worth £2.50).

 Trophy Points can be redeemed in the gift catalogue on – which is growing daily.  The gifts range from £10 gift vouchers for stores like Argos and House of Fraser to the latest iPads and iPhones.

 An office with 10 printers probably buys 1 toner per printer per month – which at the Original Manufacturer’s prices can be as much as £150 per cartridge, at TonerGuy we specialise in UK ‘Remanufactured’ toners which are at least half the Original Manufacturer’s price or less.  So if an Office buys 10 toners at £50 each from TonerGuy every month they would be awarded 59 Trophy Points per month – which when collected over a year is enough to get yourself a super cool iPhone 6 Plus – for FREE.

“What’s more” says Iain “is our Toners are re-manufactured in the UK which is good for our economy.  Remanufacturing is a process where we take once used toner cartridges, clean them, replace all worn parts and refill them with our high quality toner.  We are so confident of our product quality we offer a 3 year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty on all of our remanufactured Toners. 

You can get cheaper Toner admits Iain, although this is usually from companies selling ‘compatibles’ imported from the Far East.  The trouble is with ‘compatibles’ is they usually break the copyright reserved by the original manufacturer and risk damaging your printer – whereas our ‘Remanufactured’ cartridges do not as they are ISO9001:2004 and ISO14001:2004 certified.

A European recycling law for electronic waste, taking effect in 2006, was voted in unanimously by the European Parliament. The law includes rules that stop printer manufacturers from including “clever chips” in their printer cartridges that prohibit different brand cartridges from being used in printers or stop consumers from refilling cartridges.  It also mandates that such products are manufactured in such a way so they can be recycled or in this case ‘Remanufactured’.

So the message is – go green, save money and collect Trophy Points.