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Why Buy TonerGuy 'Re-Manufactured'?

TonerGuy Re-Manufactured Products:

  • We recycle used original toner cartridges by cleaning them, replacing worn parts and completely refurbishing them.
  • UK factory - UK Jobs - Supporting the UK economy!
  • We also replace the 'chip' on those cartridges that have them - so the printer is happy too!
  • You enjoy the cost saving and we guarantee the quality by adhering to ISO9000 and ISO14000
  • Remanufactured in compliance to EU law - so no infringement of copyrights or patents (unlike cheap copies from outside the EU).

Did You Know?

Laws covering the “remanufacture” of goods differ around the world. There is an EU mandate that goods sold in the EU must be recyclable and can therefore be ‘remanufactured’ under “right to repair” laws.
When we remanufacture toner cartridges and drums we do not infringe any copyrights or patents; indeed we comply to both ISO9000 and ISO14000
Remanufactured consumables are the “greenest” possible way of servicing your printing needs.

What is involved when re-manufacturing printer consumables?

Our remanufacturing process is done our UK factory.
The empty cartridge / old worn out drum has to be purchased and shipped to the factory.
The re-manufacturing process involves - cleaning, replacing worn parts and for the toner - refilling with high quality toner.  The entire process is a manual, labour intensive one.
There are in the region of 120 parts in a single toner cartridge. Around six are replaced when remanufactured including the ‘chip’ which the printer reads to check the status of the cartridge.
Whilst they are more expensive to remanufacture than the original (due mainly to cheap eastern labour employed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM) we sell at lower profit point to offer better value for money.

TOP TIP:  Avoid cheap ‘Compatible’ cartridges and drums - Why?

Most ‘compatible’ (new build) toner cartridges and drums are made in the Far East and infringe many copyrights and patents.
One of the most significant differences can be the quality of the toner itself. The cheapest way of making toner is to bake it in sheets and then grind it into powder.
At a microscopic level this toner is sharp and jagged. This means that it does not flow very well.
Modern toner is chemically ‘grown’ and when viewed under a microscope is almost spherical. It is this spherical nature that allows modern printers to have high throughput as the toner flows from the cartridge to the page easily. 
     • Lower quality 'compatibles' not only invalidate your warranty but may result in poor performance and may even damage your printer.