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Get your Office Printers for free - No rental, Maintenance included

That's right FREE* printers for your business - from as few as 5 to as many as you need - maintenance included!  
(* By 'Free' we mean free to use for the duration of the contract.  Contract commitment is 12 months and can be flexed to accommodate your changing needs.  You only pay for the toner you use.)

The Deal

TonerGuy - Free Printer Offer

  • We supply and maintain your choice of printers – whether Multi Function or Laser - Colour or B&W.
  • OR – we maintain your existing printer estate
  • OR – a combination of both.
  • Our commitment is to save you money - typically you save over 30% on your existing printing running costs with our service.
  • We guarantee the quality of our products – we are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified.
  • Your replacement cartridges will arrive just before the old one runs out.
  • In most circumstances we supply a ‘hot spare’ for you to keep on site for extra redundancy.

Think about it:

TonerGuy Free Printer Offer

  • No more running out just before that big presentation.
  • No more cupboards stuffed with lots of different consumables for all your different printers.
  • Free up cupboard space and budget
  • No more buying cheap fakes in an effort to preserve your budget!


  • Everyone Wins
    UK Currency Symbol   - You save money and space etc
    UK Flag  - Support for UK Jobs
    Green Smiley Face   - Be greener
  • No more paying through the nose to the printer manufacturer - Hurrah!

How do we do it?

TonerGuy Free Printer Offer


  • We install ‘Print Management' software on your network which lets us know when a particular printer is low and where it is.  We ship the correct cartridge directly to that printer
  • We recycle used original cartridges by cleaning them, replacing worn parts and refilling them with high quality toner – all done in the UK! All recycling done in the UK
  • We also replace the 'chip' on those cartridges that have them - so the printer is happy too!
  • You enjoy the cost saving and we guarantee the quality by adhering to ISO 9000 and 14000

Did you know?

TonerGuy Free Printer Offer



  • Printer manufacturers make more money from their consumables than they do from the sale of the hardware?
  • Most new printers are supplied with short life 'starter' cartridges – you will very soon be purchasing a new set of cartridges which will cost more than the printer did!


Act NOW!

TonerGuy Free Printer Offer


Call our Toner Team on:

0118 328 7000 


or email

to discuss how we may best help you save money and be more environmentally friendly.

 * By 'Free' we mean free to use for the duration of the contract.  Contract commitment is 12 months and can be flexed to accommodate your changing needs.  



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