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So What are TonerGuy Trophy Points?

So What are TonerGuy Trophy Points?

At TonerGuy we believe in rewarding our loyal customers with something more than a 'thank you' - AND we believe in offering something more than our low, low prices.  

When you purchase our high quality Toner - backed with our moneyback guarantee - you are awarded Trophy Points (provided you have signed up for an account) which you can collect and redeem with our Pre-Paid MasterCards


 The [not very] small print:

  • You need to sign up for an account before you can earn Trophy Points
  • 1 Trophy Point is (in most cases) equal to £1 
  • Trophy Points can only redeemed on
  • You cannot transfer Trophy Points between accounts
  • Your TonerGuy Trophy Points expire when you close your account or one year after your last toner purchase (which triggers the automatic closing of your account) - whichever comes first. 
  • Trophy gifts are subject to available stock
  • Trophy Points are ONLY earned on Toner or other printer related products such as printer drum etc.  
    • You cannot earn Trophy Points when spending Trophy Points, and
    • You cannot earn Tropy Points on gift products of any sort.  We are human and sometimes this site will contain errors - for which we ask for you to let us know - and we will reward you with 5 Trophy Points.  We will not however move on the principle on which our business is founded; sell toner, give Trophy Points.

How to earn Trophy Points:

  • Buy toner (of course!)
  • 'like' us on Facebook = 1Pt
  • Tweet something nice about us = 1Pt
  • Follow us on twitter = 1Pt
  • +1 us on Goole Plus  = 1Pt
  • Recommend us to your friends - you get 1Pt per friend when they sign up
  • 5 Pts when any one of your friends makes their first purchase.

Finally we are very open to feedback and suggestions - so if there is a toner you would like that we have not got listed or there is a gift you would like is to list - then please let us know via out 'Contact Us' page!